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Lily Black
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Welcome to the Academy! 

You have heard the myths; stories about creatures such as faeries, witches and elves magical creatures that you never believe that are real. Except they are, hidden from the mortal world behind a magical barrier lies another world one that is filled with magic. Here in that world live those so thought mythological creatures, protected from the realm of men who once hunted them down because of their powers and the fear they brought to the mortal humans.

The children of the citizens of this world attend a boarding school that lays hidden deep within the mountains, this school was designed to harness and help control the powers that they were born with; to teach them how best to become one with themselves. Upon their arrival each of the new students are put into dorms depending on their species. 

Fyronion- Elves/Fae

Amphritous- Draconic Mage/Shifter

Sirenum- Witches/Warlocks 

Embernest- Cursed Humans
(More information about species will be located on the Species information page on the site)


There are many secrets within both the magical and non-magical worlds but darkness lurks around every corner and you’ll never know when something may destroy the peace in the worlds. Keep your eyes open and your senses keen.


When everyone least expects it...darkness will come...



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Lily Black
Posts: 13

i'll bump this up as well

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