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Lily Black
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❝ In the Forest Primeval

A School for Good and Evil

Three Towers like twin Heads

One for the Pure

One for the neutral

One for the Wicked

Try to escape you'll always fail

The only way out is

Through a Fairytale ❞


Welcome to the School for Good and Evil!!!


Beyond the world that you live in is another one except here all of the stories you have read and heard are real. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel, all of the are very much real and have live out their stories, their lives. Now it's their children's turn to attend the most elite school in the entire Endless Woods. The School for Good and Evil, a place where their children are sent to learn how to be the next heroine, hero or even villain of their own fairytale story.


They are each sorted by the mysterious masked School Master before arrival. You could be a Tainted, one of the next future villains, A Pure, living out your own happily ever after or a Neutral, finding a way to be both hero and villain at once. Here you will learn the skills to create your own story, find love and most of all be yourself. Who knows maybe your story will be written during the school year


And then you can find your own Happily Ever After



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