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Lily Black
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The Anicent Laws of the Goddess have been forgotten, War has risen in Moonfell!

Thousands of years ago the goddess Luna ordered her followers, the anicent witch coven Moonfell to travel the world and create a valley in her name. A Valley which would soon become a sanctuary to all supernatural under the sacred Laws of the Goddess. Creatures from all over the land travelled to Moonfell to search for this safe haven that was promised by the Goddess and her followers. Years went by and the Laws of the Goddess were soon forgotten, her decree that Moonfell would be a sanctuary for all was forgotten. A war began between the species that lived there, some went extint from the fighting while others went into hiding out within the world beyond the valley once more. Only the Vampires, Witches and Werewolves stayed, each of them believing the Valley belonged to them and no one else.


The Witches claimed that since they created the Valley, it should remain theirs to live in and rules. That all others who lived inside should leave and never return

The Vampires wanted to bring Eternal Night to the Valley, make the humans leave and for those who stayed to swear their loyalty to the Vampires as their slaves.

The Werewolves only wanted the fighting to end, for them to live in peace as one within the Valley. They only wanted a vow from the human hunters that they would leave Moonfell or for them to no longer hunt down the supernatural kind.

The Hunters however wanted all the supernatural to die, for they saw the valley as the humans and believed that all supernatural kind was the work of the devil.

The Citizens of Moonfell have to choose a side otherwise all our war is coming to the valley that they call their home because if they don't the humans could become a threat to all of them. Even Humankind themselves, but the thing is it is a little hard to unite when everyone is fighting each other isn't it.

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