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Half-Blood Heroes


Website Rules:

Remember: You must create a character with a template and have it approved before role-playing. By filling out and posting that template, you are agreeing to these site rules.

 1. No God-modding/controlling other people's characters. 

2. No bullying or insulting other RPers (in character is okay, as long as the other person has consented.)

3. No killing or severely mauling people without their express consent.

4. All prophecies or quests must be approved first before starting.

5. Keep all posts in the correct category.  Out of character chat has its own category, so don't post non-rp threads in the camp section!

6. Swearing is allowed, but use it sparingly, as we want everyone to be comfortable here.

7. RP as your own original character. You may not write as another character depicted anywhere else. This is your own, so use your imagination! Inspiration from other characters and using the same f/c is fine, but the content of the character must be your own.

8. There can only be two "big three" characters per cabin. If there are already two for Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon, there isn't an open spot for you and your template won't be accepted unless you change your parent. We have to keep things balanced.

9. RP replies must be at least two sentences longPosting one-word/other short replies, you waste bandwidth, which shuts down the site until the 9th of the next month when it runs out.

10. Please refrain from advertising other websites or social media here without permission. If that's something you'd like to do, please contact Katherine.

11. Non-family friendly content (i.e. graphic, gory, or things that could be sexual in nature) is allowed to an extent. If your thread contains or will contain content over PG-13, place a warning in the title or RP over inbox instead. Smut makes some readers uncomfortable, and we would like everyone to enjoy their experience. If a warning is not posted, your post will be deleted.

12. Listen to the staff. If you think one of the staff members is being unreasonable, take it up with Katherine or Angeline.

13. Don't ask to be staff. We will appoint someone that we see is very invested in the site if we have an opening!